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About Kenly Tech

Kenly Tech is a Tech Company located in Kenya that has a purpose of bridging the gap between you the visionary guy and the world of coders. We believe that great ideas are with individuals who sometimes can't code. In that case, whether an app or a great website idea, individuals & companies hire or partner with us in making their ideas a reality.

Our Vision

To be an IT infrastructure that provides world class IT solutions through innovation and advanced technology.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to create and deliver value to all our customers and other stakeholders.

You are valuable

And that's why we are on a mission to create and deliver
value to all our customers and stakeholders.

Customer care & support

Our team has experience in creating quality web applications & websites. Our team has experience in creating quality applications,

Quality work

Our team has experience in creating quality web applications & websites. We have a habit of feeling good first, then developing stuff second. You will love it.

Regular Updates & Support

We make Kenly Tech & your project idea relevant to you through regular updates and support on your project.

Responsive Design Layout

We build web apps and websites that are compatible with any mobile device. Our designs are can easily be converted to mobile apps. We make a website for you!. We give you a mobile app too.

Your success is our success

Think of it this way, you have that great business idea running in reality with happy Kenlyhub developers chained to their computers growing it day by day.

Search Engine Optimization

Besides greate design and greate idea, we identify SEO as the most important task of the day that contributes to you achieving your goals. We will do it perfectly for you.

why we're the best

Kenlyhub is a company that respects and guards its reputation by offering quality services to everyone. We don't just talk, we act, we respond to you with our works and let you make the choice, after all, you are the boss. These are our core values that define us.

    We love what we do, and we are ready to share it with you.
    We count on the space of trust that confidentiality provides.
    We identify opportunities that improve the way we operate.
    We don't work so hard, we work smart by identifying the best people and ways to do something efficiently.
    We have confidence in every project idea we invest our energy into.

What we do

We develop your ideas.

It's either you hire us to develop your idea or we partner on it. If you choose to partner, we will fund the whole development process at 30% stake as you take in all other operations. Remember, We don't just take in any idea, only the best idea wins.

We make websites & web apps

Hire us to develop your business website or web app.Our team has experience in creating quality & profesional web applications & websites.
All our packages are proffesional regardless of the size of your project.

Mobile app development

We believe you know exactly what you want, we like surprising our clients by going beyond their expectations in transforming their idea into an application as we help their organizations get the most benefit from their solution/product/service all times.

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